I must say, having studied and achieving the highest graduating student in University is peanuts compared to working in the corporate world. So, what if I appeared in the newspaper and got myself into a MNC company – I never got the cheque I deserve !

I wonder why the University Professors never taught my how to handle red tapes and defend myself from office politics.

Frustrated and tired in the rat race, I took a deep plunge and quit my job. Not exactly an advise I would recommend you to do.

Pure hard work, I built a learning centre for children. I was proud and happy for 4 years.

So, then, what was wrong ? I had no freedom of time. Learning centre is a lucrative business. What do I do if I had all the money in the world, but no time to spend it ?

I could hire someone and manage the business for me. I did ! And guess what ? I was cheated by a tutor of 2 years, whom I trusted, whom I believe to be loyal.

The truth is, when money matters – trust no one.

Gradually, I moved on to Network Marketing. Was it easy ? Hell, no !

One thing I know for sure, I am rewarded for the personal development I attained for being in the Network Marketing industry. So, how do I know if I’m in the right company ? I’m not bias with Agel.

I did my research in the market. I attended training on how to choose the right Network Marketing Company.

The rest is history.