I am now in Arizona, USA. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend, celebrating the yearly global affair.

Before I depart Malaysia, I had a heavy heart. I wasn’t sure if my parents will be OK without me in the months to come. What about my associates ? Will they be able to stand on their own without my presence ?

When my mother announced that she and dad were heading off to a holiday days before my departure date and won’t be able to send me to the airport, it dawn upon that I worry for nothing. Time to let go.

When my associates started to show jittery and wanted me to be there for every business session, it dawn upon me that I should not create dependency. The true greatness will be revealed in my absence. Time to let go.

When a decision is made, my excitement boiled with energy emitting from the core of my soul. For years, I have wanted to visit my brother in Arizona. A wish restricted by money. Wealth is in the mind, I always thought I could never afford it thus I never made the effort to seek the riches to make the trip I always wanted. I am truly rich now.

A picture paints a thousand words. A movie reenacts you to the emotion I felt in that 3 days. Are you feeling it ? I am still pulsating.