I bid year 2006 goodbye with a smile on my face. Thinking back the past year of all the things I’ve done and some not yet accomplished.I still have many unquenchable desire to fulfill for my year 2006 resolution list. Yet, I realise my attempts are to no avail on the last day. It’s OK, I comfort myself. There’s always next year ahead. A bright new year ahead.

Year 2006, I was Jane. I met a Thai stranger whom I can only remember him by his yellow T-shirt and ugly green short pants on the background on this *photo.

Sometimes the destination is not so important, but the people who helped you along your path is.

I’ve seen the ocean and many islands in year 2006. Islands and oceans will always remain the same, until someone flourish it and commercialised it.

Sometimes the fact is easy to understand, only human makes things complicated.

I’ve seen beauty of flowers blooming in the track of year 2006. Mother earth gives us the fruit and we banish it easily with construction and development.

We must learn to love the earth, if not we are left with options to only cherish it.

I’ve seen how human spends a fortune to show respect to the almighty Gods. I wonder, does God need a house built with golden stones?

What good is it to have all the money in the world, but have no one to share it with?

No well wishes ahead, I deem it meaningless. My thoughts are with those close to me.

* Read “The Trek” post for more details