“Daddy, is mummy going to die? ” the little blue eyes girl tilts her head and looks into her daddy’s eyes. As daddy looked into her eyes, tears started to well up. He held her hands, squeezed it a second longer and a little harder than usual. A few moments later, through his swollen eyes, searching for the right words, he said ” No, baby. Mummy is not going to die. She’ll get well and we’ll walk the park like we always do.” Torn between hope and resignation, how he wished these difficult times will soon passed.

The little girl may not understand the value of a dollar now but I assure you when she grows up, she’ll never forget that it is the dollar that saved her mummy’s life. Am I exaggerating ? Probably not. Most often, we live in our own lives, chasing our own dreams and wealth, we tend to forget to live as a community, to live as human with a heart.

Today, I like to salute pelf for taking the extra mile to remind us that life is not about your own gain. What you have today may not be eternal, and when you’re left with nothing, it is the compassion of others that will bring light back into your life.

What goes around comes around. Please help Holly. I did my part.