“A one hand man hanging on a cliff and his balls itches.” I couldn’t appreciate the notation, not until when I started shaving my armpit hair and I understood how agonizing it was to refrain the temptation to scratch in public.

Abandoning a 4 years relationship over a young found love.

A bouquet of fresh flowers on your office desk, received from a girl friend. An effort to brighten up my day, after a lousy break up.

The final day with the corporate world finally arrives. Farewell lunch with my clients. I was greeted with “Teddy” after the meal. Speechless. “Teddy” sits on my bed now, together with my “Buddies in Bed

Spacing your question mark in a sentence. Note the difference? and Note the difference ?


Sitting in a car, driven by a 65 year old with car speed 30km/hour. Cars passing by give you the hand and all that you can do is, smile back.

This is my room stencil art. It is not completed. I started the stencil 3 years back on the wall. I wake up every morning, reminded of my procrastination and the reason behind I was motivated with this art. I will complete it, one fine day.