“You’re such a flirt ! ” nudged my girlfriend. I looked at her, confused and feeling somewhat distraught with the accusation. “No, I’m not !” I shouted back defensively.

I think I’ve been known as a flirt by most of my girlfriends/boyfriends. A perception I refused to admit until recently.

Here’s how the story unfolds. I was chauffeuring one of my students to class early this week. It was a happy day for me; I mailed out all my greeting cards. I stopped at the traffic lights. I turned and looked at my student. I smiled. To my surprise, the student motioned her forefinger and middle finger at my eyes ! “Eek, what was that for ?” I enquired. The innocent 11 year old explained to me frankly .. I was “electrifying” her with my eyes.

I always believe that children gives out the best/worst compliments. There you have it. The next time, I batter my eyes at you. Please don’t mistaken that it was an intentional flirt and think highly of yourself. I’m Only A Natural.