I love smelling the scent of fresh bloomed flowers from my garden. The sight of it after a long day work is always so rewarding but yet at times an inching ache to my pocket. Why ?

My mother is a gardening addict. My house monthly water bill ranges from RM 20 – RM 60. We water the plants EVERYDAY, even on rainy days. I often ponder to myself why do the plants needs watering when they get rain water from the sky. In response to that, my mother would sarcastically reply “You are able to cook yourself now, do I stop cooking for you ?” Now, that’s how I learnt not to take ANYTHING for granted from my pots.

There’s so much one can learn from gardening. Only if you pay attention to the fine details of Mother Nature’s Way. Did you know that once flowers bloomed, gardeners would trim away all the flowers and greens? Sounds painful to cut away the beauty, doesn’t it ?

The ironic truth with flowers is, a plant is not able to grow to its maximum potential if its not trim. I never understood why my mother is able to trim away the beautiful petals, especially when the flowers look at its peak. Every time a branch is taken away from the plant, 2 new branches will grow. To that effect, more room for flowers to grow on.

The lesson imparted was, to let go what you cherished most ; to give opportunity for a better prospect.