I need a holiday. A place away so I can rest my body and recuperate my soul. A sanctuary. A paradise. A sierra.
Where do you have in mind? My thoughts, New Zealand. Land of “Lord of the Rings”. Land of diverse outdoor adventures. From bungee jump to moment of arts, festival of dance. The vast options for nature activities are far beyond prosaic. I’m sure, I’ll be captivated with its pulchritudinous mountains. I can imagine it, me admiring the sunrise. Me, leisurely sitting at the balcony in one of the Auckland accommodation with my cup of hot chocolate at the break of dawn. I think I can plaudit on that thought.

Perhaps I should do the orthodox tourism visiting. Visit the museum or plunge myself on a tour around New Zealand. On second thoughts, following a scheduled tour with a bunch of strangers is never an affinity to me. Fly to the country and hunt for cheap hotels in New Zealand , now that sounds enticing !
Perhaps I should just rely on my prowess as a trekker. Venture into the woods with my backpack and sleeping bag. Me, alone. Just the jungle and my almighty self. My imagination is running wild on the things I could do. Without a pre-emptive itinerary, I might survive as long as I have shelter on my head, nothing fancy, I can stay in cheap hotels. I reckon the rest of the events can unfold itself when I’m there. I could squeeze myself into the stadium, watch the Waitakere World Junior Badminton Championships 2007 or sweat myself in the Adidas Auckland Marathon. Fly million miles and run my life away. This idea appeals to me. Very much. I shall look into the strategem a little deeper. Care to join me?