The day I started my own business as an entrepreneur I felt the same as the day I bid goodbye to my built success. It was a sigh of relief.

Saying goodbye to the conventional working environment just prove to everyone I was a fool. A big one, I must add. As my mother put it in her own words “You straight A student in university, get your face on newspaper, and you open a tuition centre ???!!!”

I held my tongue and swallowed my pride. I couldn’t explain to her. The red tape and office politics was draining every drop of sanity I have in my soul. I was drowning.

With no money, I started home tuition. A year later, I opened a licensed tuition centre. And yet, the words still sometimes flash in my mind – am I doing the right thing ? I was a fool for one year, then a hero for the next 4 years as my ex-associate would gladly look up to me at my courage for leaving a high corporate position.

3 days ago, the deep breathe was once heard again. That exact puff. It sounded familiar, I heard it before.  Watching the new owner sign the cheque and handed it to me, the sigh couldn’t be any louder. The whimpering groan. Am I a fool ? Not this time.

What do I do for a living now ? Well, you gotta come back and find out more. Its good enough for me to sell my tuition centre.