Its finally dead. Not a single pulse. For more than 4 years I’ve kept it close to heart. An item so small, its value is far beyond words could describe, its treasure sunked deep in the sole of my existense. An overstatement, perhaps.

When it happened, I wanted to scream in pure frustration. All I could managed was a meaningless yelp. Like a helpless puppy straying on the street, lost without his mother. It was such a long time ago that I sometimes wonder if it existed at all, but it did. I’m sure it did, the sweetest memory, the undying words of love buried in that small box. Now, its all gone. Faintly, I still remember the numbers flashing in front of me, the melody chirping away. I stood gazing at the lifeless blue thing, marvelling at how quickly and completely my life had changed. In a day. No, less. And without warning.

It finally gave up on me. Drawing the last straw, hinting I should have given up a long time ago. There was once I recalled so clearly how it survived the toughest fall. It crashed from my bedside onto the hard surfaced. Cracked into pieces and yet it was still breathing. I was thankful then, the numbers and saved messages were all intact.

I scrumbled for days hunting for the lost numbers, then it dawned upon me, my effort was in vain. Meaningless names and insignificant numbers. Numbers and names that never appeared on my phone. Even at times, after sending a well wish across the ocean, the reply was “Who are you?”. Dumbfounded and speechles, yet I remained those names and numbers on my phone. Why ? Doubtless, my presence, my friendship was nothing more than just a name, but the truth was, no matter how horrible it may seemed, I kept the hope, just perhaps one day, one fine day I will receive a ring. That day never came. The long silence rang in the air.

Here I am, holding my new handphone with only numbers that truly matters to me. With each sound it came, it echoed with a rekindled friendship. A sincere and genuine “hello” purged through my throat. I could never be ever so grateful for receiving calls. Friendship is indeed a two way street.

If you never hear from me, never see my well sms wishes, you will never ever will again, as the numbers are lost in space. Why should I bother, when you never did.