Ego please ! What else were you thinking ? Hush, hush ..shame on you, naughty ..kinky thoughts.

I try my very best not to over do it in showcasing my blog to my friends. So, I speak of my blog discreetly. Anyhow, that’s just about enough you can shout out to .. Too much noise, you are an annoyance.

The very first person I shared this exciting news of the birth of my blog, was to my best friend. I eagerly asked for her “honest” opinion about this space I have. Her response was “Your grammar has improved”. WTF. Pardon me, that was my exact sentiments on her reply. So here it is, me blogging with my improved England. I think my England is powderful enough to pass lar.

Next, another blow to my ego. Blow my ego ! Haha ..get it ? *May Leng slaps herself*
I received a beautiful comment from a long, lost friend in one of my post. I was pleasantly surprised. Unknown to me, there was another note for me. Here’s how it reads:

Pretty self explanatory.

Having vent all the above, I like to make myself a solemn blog pledge. As long as I have thoughts to share, will to type .. My blog will remain here.

How’s that for my year 2007 resolution? Posted by Picasa