The last few days has been hectic and frustrating. I’ve moved my domain hosting again. If you have been visiting the past week or so, you may realized that my website has been suspended. My hosting service has been bad, very bad. To date, I have not received a single reply on my account suspension. So, I’ve decided to move host server and I did.

Moving servers is like moving house. I packed and unpacked.

Guess what, my blog database was not the latest copy I did my backup on. I thought I did but something went wrong somewhere. So, I’ve lost my Jan till April 2011 worth of blog posts. Not alot since I didn’t spend much time blogging. I was having so much fun in reality, I neglected my blog. Have you missed me ?

Troubleshooting, fixing the blog took me few days. =(

I’m glad it’s all sorted out now. =)