Here I am, my computer is out of order. My display adapter has gone haywire. I struggle to see a nice picture on my computer. I’ve been suffering with a 16 color bit screen and a 640 X 480 pixels for months. I refuse to get it fix. I swap monitors, I reinstalled my Windows platform, still it didn’t work. It was obvious, I was not fixing the faulty hardware. My ego’s too big for me to send it to the repair shop. I stare at my Computing bachelor degree hanging on the wall. Its laughing at me as I rub my eyes with every effort I tried.

I am blogging in a nearby internet cafe. The need to be online is an addiction. The need to stay connected is power. Surfing the internet at home with my 33.6 modem is a torture. In the cafe, the luxury of broadband internet is heaven. Using a slow network and disastrous screen at home have numbed my senses. I can’t help but have green horns over my friends with Broadband ISP . I ponder to myself do I need a ADSL Broadband network ? I calculated the odds when I actually use the internet. Probably an hour a day if I’m lucky to clear my desk. The bulk of work I have now is three times more than my corporate job. Ironically, the job satisfaction with teaching is far, far better off than working with morons. All pun intended.

I thought again, even if I don’t use the broadband internet for my surfing purposes, I could use to download my favourite tv series. Unfortunately, I found out the local ISP provider in Malaysia actually bans several network channel. Why ? Well, because the traffic is too heavy and using it would just create a bottleneck to the network connection. Malaysian don’t have much choices when it comes to network provider. Well, I shan’t complain. The grass is always greener on the other side. UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand .. my fellow lucky mates ..choices for broadband provider is unlimited.

Ok, I’m running out of time. Clock strikes time to log off from cafe. Till the next time.