I sat long enough to write this.

I searched long enough to stop looking.

I pondered long enough to start thinking.

This post is the THE FIRST ONE on my very own domain. I finally did it. I bought a name.

It took me 3 years. 3 blogging years to do this. I wondered what took me so long. It was the cost of the domain name. I actually thought that its gonna cost me a bomb buying a name. My ignorant delayed me. When my credit card bill arrived recently, it shouted at me RM33.02. I couldn’t believe how stupid I felt, RM33.02 !

The giant step began. I have my own. I’m still searching for the right theme, the particular one that catches my sight. My “oh, wow” I want this. The search was agonizing. I must have the right theme so my FIRST ONE would sit perfect in it.

I tested on Iweb. I contemplated, Iweb or WordPress. Choices.

Did it all mattered ? Yes, it did. I created a roadblock for myself. My mind was bursting, dying to be free, trying to grow. The only person stopping it, was me. All these nonsense, I must have the “right theme”, the “the right platform” to build my blog, did nothing except stopped me from writing the FIRST ONE.

Now, that I have done it imperfectly. This is just me. The bare naked truth. I am without, but I feel complete.

Welcome to my blog. Welcome the new me. 2010 is my year.