It is the eve of Christmas eve. 23rd December 2006. Everyone is happy. I was nervous. I was sitting on the bench waiting for my name to be called. Just another regular check up, I remind myself. I hate going to hospitals. Some may argue, hospital is not a nice place to go to, unless its for visiting a new born. Even still, I beg to differ. I hate hospitals. Period.

While waiting, I read my Reader’s Digest magazine with interest. At the corner of my eye, something caught my attention. To be precise, someone. It was a toddler and his mother. The baby was trying to walk on his own. He stood up and took a few baby steps. A giant step it seemed for his little feet. He falls down, he whimpers and then he stands up on his own. Seeing this, the young mother came running worriedly and she helped the toddler up on his feet. I sat silently, observing. As expected, the baby boy cried a few tears, made alot of fuss and by then, everyone in the waiting room could hear the loud cry. The coaxing between the two souls lasted for 2 minutes. Then the cycle repeats itself; the toddler tries his steps again.

Interesting scenario, don’t you think ? I beckon for your thoughts.