My fingers are sore. Its truly is. 500+ Facebook Wall Message, one by one I wrote. As I type along the words, I took moment to enjoy my friend’s profile and read their happening in life. I reminisced and appreciated my friend. I miss every single of them deeply.

I had a flashback of who this person is. Let me ask you to ponder this question – how many people in your Facebook friend list is legitimately your friend ? When I started Facebook, I told myself – I will not let Facebook turn into a Friendster account. My friendster account has tons of people. I blindly accepted because I don’t know how to say No.

Although I have 500+ friends, I would admit I have not been a good friend to all. The year is ending and for some, I have not met or seen in ages. Do you know, the mirror is 2 way. Its a reflection. So, I can understand when  my plea of help, for support is ignored by some.

Winning is voluntary. So is helping. Judgement or not, we are who we are. I learnt a new word few weeks back. NATO – No action talk only.

73 days to go as I countdown for the moment. I am preparing my essay for the most compelling life changing experience. The last paragraph of that essay would be the result of the plea. How my desire manifested the number my intuition spoke to me when I read the email from Nancy. How I truly believe that when Friends United, miracle do happen.

I thank you for your action. It speaks the loudest.