I took a long walk in the neighborhood today. A 1.5 hour me-time. The sun shone on the surface of my skin, I feel alive and grateful.

I remember taking short walks after dinner years back. A customary I missed very much. Watching households and how each family choose to decorate their garden was an eye-opener.  Watching each family in their home with different color painted gates was always the topic discussed during these walks. I would then, imagined how my ideal home would be. A small cottage with a big garden where the dogs roam free.

“The grass is always greener on the other side” a famous quote I recall as I walk along the pathway today. There were pebbles and stones in the courtyard while some grew beautiful petals and landscape it with fresh ferns. The fresh air filled with scented mild dew. Have you looked at your own garden ? What have you planted ? It is important to ponder before you declare that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

I gathered some pine cones and brought it home, placed it in the basket where the table was spread in the centre of the living room. I was pleased. Do you pick any pieces while you journey every corner of your life ?

Life is short. Live it.