Yes, yes .. guess no more. It’s my birthday. Hi, my name is May Leng. I am twenty eight years old today. It took me twenty eight years to be able to sensibly count my blessings without shame. The list in random order.

1. A glass of fresh juice made by my mother every morning

2. An sms from a long lost friend, sending his/her warm birthday greetings

3. A small but yet priceless gift from my nephews who saves their pocket money, decides to spend it on my gift

4. No gifts, no hugs, just words of appreciation from a friend – 4th of June, I am thankful because you were born

5. I have a home to come to at the end of every 4th of June

6. The plants in my garden bloomed beautiful flowers, I know it was just for me that bright sunny day.

7. There’s still milk in the cartoon for my oatmeal.

8. To have the strength and wisdom to see the true colours of another

9. To be able to blow my birthday candles in one blow

10. 2 dogs who onced brighten my lonely days