Here’s a game to stimulate your mind. Spot the dickhead ! You have 5 seconds. Ready, Go !!

Bee … Pooo .. Bee… Pooo .. You are outha the game ! Wrong answer !

Ding …!!! Ding ….!!! Ding …!!! We have a winner!! And the prize is, ladies and gentlemen … Behold …you don’t get *banned from my blog.

A backpack trip to Thailand during the terrorist prone period proves my parents very wrong. I did not get blown into little pieces, I am still in one piece. OK, it was not wise to disobey my parents concern. The truth is, I tell you .. I was ignorant about the terrorist attacks until all my bags are packed and my bus ticket was purchased. Yea, I could throw away the RM25.90 stub and stayed home. I didn’t. Took on the tiring 8 hours bus ride. Arrived in Haatyai. Had a good massage. Had a good massage. Yes, I had 2 massages in a day! Off I went onto another van trip the next day to Koh Samui.

Now, I can tell everyone I saw a super duper huge hard rock dick in Thailand ! Grandfather rock, it’s called. For an old man, looks pretty solid to me. I’m surprised the dick ain’t wrinkled.

Here’s a closer look at the Grandmother’s pussy. Yes, take a closer look – this is how a vulva looks like. Can you see/find the clitoris ? Damn, still can’t find it ? That’s just a pity.

Newsflash .. The day I returned from Thailand, Haatyai was bombed. All the tourism places I left my footprints were blown apart. I thought to myself, the terrorist was after me. Funny, they couldn’t track me when I was in Koh Samui and Phuket? Anyhow, I count my blessings that I am well and escaped all the attacks.

Lesson Learnt: Always read the news before travelling.

NOTE: *I can’t really banned you from visiting my blog. Just kidding, no hard feelings, ya .. Please come back to my blog. =)