Full Moon Party. It wouldn’t be call Full Moon Party if the moon wasn’t full. I gazed at the moon that peaceful night. No doubt, mother earth was shining brightly. Packed my gear and hustled my way to the pier. I arrived at the dock with the rest of the world in Koh Samui island.

Stepped on to the ferry. Seated next to me was a bunch of Singaporeans guys. My eyes starting hunting, so did my companion. Numerous skin colour could be seen. The party started with an appetiser. Eye candy. I enjoyed the sight, feeling excited and a little fuzzy. I was amazed at the flirtations going on around me. Strangers were talking to strangers. Strangers were holding hands with strangers. Strangers’ hands were everywhere on strangers’ body. You get the picture.

Upon arrival at the location, we walked down some stores. The journey to the beach was engaging. The stores displayed many colourful items. Among them were liquors. The fermented beverages were sold in buckets. And I mean literally in buckets. RM 25 per bucket, alcohol of your choice and mixture with soda. I picked a red bucket. I like red.

Skipping my way to the beach with my little red bucket, I followed what the rest was doing – I sang. I have no idea what song, or tune. The rhythm came to me naturally. Imagine this, everyone looked like hooligans, holding buckets, skipping, singing. You get the picture.

In due time, I arrived at the beach. The crowd was just spectacular. Loud music, thumping. People jumping, dancing. Mad house.

A simple layout on the beach. It was segmented into a few parts. The segment had virtual lines. You walk on to different zones. I arrived at this zone and I stood by the “Fire Swings” for at least a good hour. My eyes didn’t want to stray away. I was magnetized to the fire like bugs. The performers weren’t local; “Ah Mohs’ and even women performed. A little swing here, a little swing there.

I sincerely hope you have a good bandwidth to view the above video. Seeing is believing. No words can best describe what I saw. I left my footprints after an hour and headed off to another segment.

Safe Area. By this time, I have finished my share of the bucket. The night continues and its still young, 11 pm. At that hour, only 2 person was laying on the safe area. How nice, I thought to myself. The party host prepared mats for drunken to sleep on.

I part on to the dance floor. The sandy dance floor. I jigged my share. As I was grooving my moves, someone poked me from the back. I turned around to find myself a dark, tanned guy whispering to my ears “Ecstasy, ecstasy .. you want ? cheap”. I stopped, looked at him, and I said a firm “No”. Seeing my stern face, my companion came next to me and express his concern. We exchanged our remarks and shrug it away. I continued dancing. Then, another poke came again. This time, a tap on my shoulder. Gee, can’t a woman have a decent good time ? I turned around, giving in my annoyed look and there it is again, another dark, tanned guy offering me “grass”. Did I accept the offer ? Make your wild guess.

Having had enough of interruptions, I moved on away from the dance floor. Beyond the jig area, people was sitting on the beach. You could see the reflection of the moon light on shore. One should be cautious as buckets, beer bottles were everywhere. The phrase “Watch where you’re going” throws a shed of light. Either you watch your steps, or you’ll be stepping over someones’ drinks, slippers, or even heads !

Far end of the beach is the “Wishwell Lantern”. Charged at RM25 per lantern, visitors can write their wish on the lantern and see your RM25 fly away into the sky. Wave your money goodbye for good. Not all lanterns fly away with pride. Some just crash and burn. It’s intriguing how easy one find ways to spend money.

I managed to walk out of the beach in a straight line. Find my way back to the dock and I looked back while the ferry leaves the island, the sight of lights and smoke slowly diminishes. Sitting by the corner on the ferry bench, half asleep, reminiscing the event; I had my share of the full moon. I had my share of the bucket. I had my share of fire. I had my share of leg moving. I had my share of eye opener. I am proud I had NO share of drugs.