My mobile beeps and vibrates. “Yes, no problem. See you” it read.

The next day, I drove to our agreed venue. I sat and ordered a drink. “And your food, maam? ” the waiter ushers the food menu to me. “I’m waiting for someone” I heard my voice spoke back. I waited. 15 minutes passed by, I got impatient. I called. No answer. Another cycle of 900 seconds passed, I dialed the number. It rang and what seems like eternity, the line got cut off. Yet another attempt, I sms – I am here, waiting. Where are you?

Silence drowned me. That’s it. I got stood up. My life today is by appointments only. It’s Sunday, I could be out. I am not. I’m at Starbucks, waiting for a stranger who gave her words to meet me. She never came and never bothered to let me know. At that instance, the stranger seated beside the table next to me, pulls up his courage,  he smiles as I sigh and ordered my lunch. “Are you alone?” he asked. I don’t know which is worst, be stood up or be picked up !

We exchanged words and he left with his name card. He’s Arab, a well respected ambassador in Malaysia.

I sat and waited for my next appointment. The hours passed by and I was accompanied by many online. “I am not alone”. I will never, ever feel alone.

If you are a man, reading this. Respect a woman who appreciates her solitude time in a coffee house. Just because she happens to glance at you, its not an invitation  for you.

If you are a woman, reading this. You are not alone.