Me: I was chatting with a friend the other day and he commented that women these days are rather selective with men. You know, us and our 5 C’s.

Girlfriend: 5 C’s ? I thought there was only 4. Cash, car, condo and credit card. What’s the other one?

Me: Career.

Girlfriend: Ah ..yes, that one. That’s very important. I don’t want a loser as my partner. If he can’t decide what he wants in life, I doubt he knows what he wants in a relationship. It just feels insecure being with a guy like that. The thing is, woman in the 21st century are independent. We can pretty much sustain ourselves without men. Gone are the days where “love makes the world go round”. Call it practical or materialistic. Either, its just how the wheels turn.

Me: That’s just sad. When I meet a guy, the first thing that strike my interest is his character. He can have all the 5 C’s and if he’s a jerk, he can pretty much be flushed down the toilet bowl.

Girlfriend: Character. Hmmm…true indeed. You just added another C to the list.

Me: I did ! Oh …geez. Have you met someone whom you hardly can pull through a decent conversation with ?

Girlfriend: Have I? Didn’t I tell you about the date last week? I practically drowned myself in the soup the whole night. His conversational skills is below zero.

Me: That bad, huh? Communication is vital. Dull company is a killer. Is he good looking though?

Girlfriend: Of course he is ! How did you think I managed the date without an eye candy?

Me: Beauty with no brains. Applicable for men too ! Will you go out with him again?

Girlfriend: Well, as a fling, yes. He has the cutest butt and the sexiest lips. And .. I think he was having a hard on towards the end of the date.

Me: Oh gosh ! You are eyeing on his cock ! You slut !

Girlfriend: I can’t help it. It was rather obvious the bulge. Looks rock hard !

Me: For a fling, good looks perhaps great sex. A relationship without substance. Can you actually live with that kind of lifestyle?

Girlfriend: No, of course not. I need my 5 C’s fulfilled. Sounds like now, we have more than 5.
Cash, Credit card, Career, Condo, Car, Character, Communication, Cock

Me: Gee .. no wonder men these days have problem getting laid. And …. no wonder women these days are single !

What would life be without girlfriends? Meaningless !