“There is nothing to do in Bukit Tinggi!” exclaimed my friends. The same remarks I received from others who wasn’t too appealed with my holiday suggestion. Well, being myself, I refused to believe that statement. I gathered an army; 2 visitors and I drove us up the hill.

You make the best of your surroundings, and I did.

The drive up was expected. I got lost. Did I ask for directions ? Yes, I did. Still, I was no where near Bukit Tinggi. Drive up, head towards Genting Highlands. The instructions was simple and yet my teeny weenie brain couldn’t locate the winding road. I’m a typical woman. A typical woman with 2 other typical women in the car. The bright side? There is NO MAN to get on our nerves the fact that we were lost. I’m not worried, I got a full tank, I was prepared.

The car finally arrived at the Colmar Tropicale, a French themed resort after an hour of detour down from Genting Highlands. Yes, I literally drove myself up to Genting Highlands and made my way down at the Bentong roundabout, not to mention I circled around the McDonald’s near Karak highway twice ! Don’t ask me how it happened. It just happened, like how you came into the world !

I parked my car. Stepped out of the car, and took a deep breathe. Refreshing air. How beautiful. I then walked and looked out to the near distant. I saw a castle. I gasped for more green air.

Made my way to the entrance of the castle.

Took a few photo shots. Ok, I’m lying. A few is an understatement. Hey, it took me more than 3 hours to arrive at the castle. I had to snap away.

By the time I was done with my camera, it was way past lunch hour. 2:15pm, feeding time.

My friends and I walked into the town. We picked our cafe and ordered our meal. Nothing fancy on the meal, we ate as we were famished. After the meal, we walked 20 steps further inside the town and walked back out. Really indeed – nothing to do. That’s not true, the resort offers a reflexology centre, a pool table, boardgames and highlight of the day – horse ride !! Yippie, come on, hop on, on the four legged animal for RM60 for half an hour ! Gives new perspective to day light robbery.

“There is nothing to do in Bukit Tinggi!”
Refute # 1. You can have a hell of time getting lost on the way to Bukit Tinggi.