The sun took place where the moon once shone the earth. The 2nd day for the family trip has began its countdown as we got up from bed. The boys hastily hustled among each other for room in the bathroom. I enjoyed watching the verbal, childish sarcasm as the young ones teased one another. Nothing of hair pulling sort but more of the punching and stepping toes type. In my heart, I knew times as such, will leave a lasting, memorable childhood for them.

We feasted on the traditional “nasi lemak” breakfast and set our journey to Panorama Langkawi cable car ride. The expected cheer of laughter was heard during the drive. A joyful mood settled in the car and the enthusiasm from the children made my parents smiled in glee.

Upon arriving at the cable car entrance, RM10 per person brought us in. An inviting eagle greeted us upon entry. The majestic bird sat on the piping and held its beak high up in glory. I find it rare to have the close encounter with the 2 legged creature. I, too admired the beauty of the predator that has been tamed for the eyes of tourists.

We walked a short distance and soon arrived at the cable station. As my father stepped into the cabin, his presence was acknowledged with a shaking motion. The cable car wobbled firmly and I giggled teasing my dad. Afraid that the hanging car will collapse in mid air, my mother held on tightly onto father. That was a loving yet humorous sight.

Upon arriving at the station, we stepped out of the cable and our breath was caught by the strong winds gushing against our face. The sight was beyond words. Green sea and blue skies floored upon us. I stood on the hanging bridge and gaze into the floras beneath me.

Rustling of footsteps could be heard as my nephews ran around the platform. Not a moment, they laid still. As for I, tried to find peace, a second I wanted to remember … The Family Holiday.

Family Holiday – Part 1