Have you ever watched “Love Perhaps ” by Cornetto on NTV7?

I did once, only once. Well, this post isn’t about the reality show. I won’t even go there, my thoughts on this Malaysian production. Instead, the topic for this post is; Love. Does it really make the world go round ?

To be honest, I don’t think so. To survive in the 21st century, you need money. Hard cold cash in hand. I’m not being materialistic here, just practical. Imagine this, you have no means to buy your next meal but you have your partner seated next to you, hugging you, comforting you that everything will be just fine. In your mind, you’re probably contemplating if you can be a barbarian; should I bbq or steam him/her ? Ok, that’s just putting it crudely, you can’t feed your hunger with love.

Despite the above, I must admit I was love struck when I recently saw the movie “Cinta“, produced by Kabir Bhatia. It a rare occasion in Malaysia where a movie is produced with a good script, talented casts and not to mention kudos on the cinematography.

The story unfolds with 5 love story; love for the elders, love for a wife, love for a brother, young love and last but not least, the courage to be in love.

I never knew how to appreciate the sight of Malaysian public transport – the LRT and komuter service. In my mind, the LRT always remind me of foul and stuffy atmosphere. The combination of KL twin towers, LRT and komuter was a great background on a foreground comprising of “kampung” houses.

I like to applaud veteren Dato’ Rahim Razali and Fatimah Abu Bakar for playing a very touching role. My favourite lines was “sehari dengan orang yang kita sayang, walau macam mana susah adalah lebih bermakna daripada seumur hidup dengan orang yang kita tak sayang” – translated as “a day with our loved ones, no matter how difficult it is, the day is more meaningful compared to a lifetime with the one you don’t truly love.” Although I find it hard to believe the noble act of Fatimah Abu Bakar in willing to take care of an ill man. I guess, companionship matters most when you are aging.

A must see for those who still believes in love.