There is always that day, that dreadful day where you arrive at work and you find such dullness in your own’s bread and butter. Today is that day. The bright morning of 17th January 2008, my class of eight years old decided to go on a mental strike with me. Blank faces showed up and I struggled with the lesson. Mistakenly, a glow left the room. I sighed a sign of relief.

Dragging my feet into my office, a magic wand was waved when I saw an email from Nuffnang. It read:

Dear Nuffnanger,


You have been shortlisted as one of the 100 bloggers that will be given a place to participate in Traffic Jam at PWTC on the 19th of January 2007.

My jaw went wide opened. I blinked. I pinched myself and it hurts. This is real. My fun thing to enlist my blog for the event materialized. The clock was ticking away and my next class was at 3pm. 4 hours to buy my decorations, rush down to KL and come back for work. Possible ? Heck, no time to waste and contemplate. Hurriedly, I went to the nearest convenient store.

Arriving at the not-so-nice shop, I found myself admiring the plastic flowers at the entrance. The bright, yellow sunflowers caught my sight. I picked it up and dusted it. Pretty.

I walked in and found that the store was a RM2 shop ! Great, cheap bargain. Excellent.

Driving down to KL was manic. I didn’t know my way, clearly the woman inside me protruded obnoxiously on the streets of KL. Crazy woman on a mission.

Wrong booth

Arriving at Hall 3, I found my way to the wrong booth. The technicians at work looked at me as if I am crazy. I admit, I am somewhat out of my mind. At the nick of time and the eleventh hour notice, I sprung to the call.

The right place at the right time

I arrived at the right place when the clock stroke one. An hour to do my thing. A stranger greeted me warmly and I picked my spot next to him. “So, when did you receive the email from Nuffnang?” my feeble attempt with a conversation. “Monday, I guessed there were too little blog participants” he said. “I received mine at 10:30 am this morning” I responded. That statement pretty much concluded that there is indeed not much respond from the bloggers.

My gadgets

My guess is, probably alot of Malaysian bloggers were selected but hadn’t had the time to participate. My blog entry was a last minute selection, a stand in, per say. Offended ? Not really, I’m just thrilled to be part of this. I can’t remember the last time, I had an adrenaline rush for something so petty and a geeky smile on my face.

CPU smiling away

Sunny day at my booth

PWTC stage, preparing for Youth 08 opening ceremony

I finished what I needed to do. Silly me, I even spelt my blog name incorrectly at first. Luckily, I came to my senses. Imagine the horror if I didn’t notice the stupid mistake. I would have killed myself. Bury my own blog and never type again.

Satisfied with my artwork, I bid farewell to 2 persons I met at the hall. Michelle Chin and Hwei Ming. My very first blogger acquaintances. It was a pleasant meet up.

Rushing off to grab a delayed lunch, I passed by a magazine stand and I saw the chirpiest handheld windwheel . The little girl in me couldn’t resist and so I spent Rm7.90 for it, totaling up my cost of the booth decoration to a close RM20. I gushed back to the Hall, by then I was sweating like a mad cow. Holding my little found toy, Hwei Ming looked at me, astonished and said, “That’s the chirpiest PC I’ve ever seen. You don’t decorate your PC at home like this, do you?” I don’t blame him for his assumption. After all, this is indeed pretty childish ! I should really start behaving my age. I’ll think about it when I hit the big three zero.

If my smiley faces start peeling off the monitor or my sunny flowers losses its petal, well, that is just too bad. I lit it up as much as I could. People may take away what I have, what I own, what I love but they can never take away the smiles in my quietude.

Do drop by my booth and cast your vote for my blog at the Nuffnang booth if you like what you read. It’s just two steps away, the distance of my booth to the Nuffnang booth. A last minute selection is nevertheless a selection !

Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Date: 18th till 19th January 2008
Venue: PWTC, Hall 3

NOTE: I’d like to send my gratitude to Hwei Ming for his kind gesture in offering his tack it. My windwheel wouldn’t be spinning gracefully without his generosity. My heartiest thank you !