Are you happy ? No, what’s wrong ? You don’t like your job ? You don’t earn enough ? You don’t have a house or a car ?

Do you know you can learn to be happy ? Here’s a good picture illustration for a quick review.

Here’s my own interpretation.
If you want happiness for a month, get married.
You complete me. Without you, I don’t have my arms, my legs, my mouth, my brains. I can’t work, walk, eat or think without you. An utterly overstatement popularised by Jerry Maguire. You’ll be surprise the numbers of unhappy married couples out there. Happiness does not come when you are with someone special. Happiness is coupled when you have someone special. So, be happy and you’ll be HAPPIER when you have someone.

If you want happiness for a year, inherit wealth
Money can’t buy happiness. If it can, superstars won’t commit suicide. Why should they, they have all the fame and wealth in the world. So, if you are rich and unhappy, let me shoulder your problem, send me all your money.

If you want happiness for a lifetime learn to love what you do
A simple test, how do you feel on Monday mornings and Friday mornings ? I think you yourself should know the answer.

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