The finale of “A Glimpse to the Dark Side”. I present you … the evil gin. Soon after sinking in the previous demonstration on “Keris Angkat Beras” , I gathered my composure to regain my faith that it was all just a gimmick. Little did I realised, my belief was shattered into pieces when the “master” took out what seem to look like a decomposed, waxed little being. It looked rather familiar. I’ve seen this before. It was in a glass box. A glass box I walked past earlier in the hall. The box showcased the evil gin. It looked lifeless. I’m sure it’s dead. Very much dead. The “master” walked around the room, holding the evil gin on his right hand. He allowed us to view it’s small crumpled face in near sight. I dare not look closely. He then announced “I will show you this gin bleed blood.”

He took out a piece of cotton. Again, his mouth moved in rhythm. He then placed the cotton gently onto the evil gin’s mouth. The fangs were obvious in between the cotton. He took out the cotton from the gin’s mouth and put the cotton on a plate filled with water. The water slowly turns red.

He picks up the plate and walks around the crowd. He asks the crowd to smell the plate. Indeed, it smell of blood. He asks the audience to taste the water. No one dared. I shudder thinking back of the moments.