Is there really dumb children ? Can someone be really academically incompetent ? I believe everyone is born with a specific measure of intelligence. The level of information absorption and retention period may vary with each individual. As such, there is no such thing as “stupidity” in a child’s learning assessment. I resent parents who use the word “stupid”.

My tutoring experience with children has revealed a very peculiar co-relationship between academic competence and behaviour. I find it very strange that all fast learners tend to have grown a “stuck up” attitude where else the slow learners are much more humble. No doubt, fast learners are enjoyable to teach, only when they understand the lessons and theory well. When faced with difficulties, these fast learners seem to throw a tantrum and refuse to accept any inputs. Ironically, these inputs are interpreted as an act of contempt, an act of insult to their ‘oh so great mighty mind”. Comparatively with a slow learner, one is patience and willing to listen. The concept of learning from mistakes is acceptable to slow learners.

At the early age of 4, you can pretty much gauge the aptitude of an individual. How and why is that ? I’m sure parenting style has no influence in shaping a child’s behaviour, be it “cocky” or “down to earth”. I could be wrong, as I cannot imagine the possibility of how a mother/father can “teach” a child to be overly proud on his/her academic achievements. How do you shape good social ethics? Please enlighten me.