The Excitement. The Joy. The Thrill. The Honor. The Glory.

I am indeed flattered to be among the 25 selected winners for Nuffnang Friday’s contest. My childhood story “Why I want to eat at Friday’s” paid off with a nice free meal for two. For one day, I was a winner; for a lifetime, I will be self assured that my thoughts are worthy of a prize.

I felt so proud when the announcement was made online, I went home gleefully told my dad,”I won a contest and we get to eat for free at Friday’s. Remember, the place you took us years back?” I had that glow, my father ignited and time will never diminish. He waited for me to explain further, eyes wide and mouth agape, knowing there was more to this story. Although my father no longer could see me, he knows that I was shining brightly as I touched his hands, excitedly sharing the blogging journey. My mother saw my enthusiasm and joined us at the table. I explained the story, composed I tried.

“Eat all you can ah, for free?” my mother asked with a grin on her face. I nodded, hesitantly as I wasn’t sure, I have yet to receive the official winning vouchers from Nuffnang. My parents shared my victory and the living room shimmered like a rainbow.

Thank you Nuffnang and Friday’s for enriching my life and bringing me back to Memory Lane.