“Are there any teachers who only want money?” the question came to me abruptly in the middle of the class. All my 9 students looked at me. Eagerness, plainly written over all their entire body and face. That moment was the first time I actually saw the depth of importance, my words in their curious mind. The instant answer I had in mind was, “why, everyone wants money, not only teachers.” I held back my tongue and prompted further, “Why do you say that?”

I soon discovered from the young boy that his school teacher requested some of the “lazy students” to buy an activity book. The young boy believes that the teacher’s intention was merely to gain profit from the book purchase, as it was rather obvious in the young boy’s perspective that the “lazy students” will not lay eyes on the activity book. What an intention mistaken badly ! A sudden righteous feeling surge through my body. I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to stand for the unknown teacher.

My lesson was put on halt for 15 minutes. My “lecture” went as follow:

Me: Money is important. Without money, we can’t buy our basic needs like food. I like to teach but if I teach you all for free, will I have the means to buy food?

Students: *Shaking their heads*

Me: Does that mean I only want your money or do you think you’re learning here? If you are learning, raise your hands.

Students: *All students raised hands*

Me: Which is more effective ? Learning in thin air or with guidance from a book?

Students: Book

Me: Can you get a book for free?

Students: No

Me: So, do you think your school teacher only wanted profit from the book purchase or she has a good intention to help the “lazy students”?

With that, I ended my “lecture”. Each bright face was illuminated by positive thoughts and feelings, as he or she eagerly anticipated the morning sunshine, meditations and exploration into yet another metaphysical cranny of mind. And I, have fulfilled that craving anticipation. The gratification is beyond words.

What the subject taught on that day, I’m sure the children will not remember in years to come. I just hope that the young minds realized that they are more values in life than money. This is the same boy who taught me what friendship means – too young, too soon. Read it more here.