“Eeewww….I am NOT going to eat that ! It taste awful!”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby. Eat it, it’s good for you.”

Those were my early recollection of memory on bitter gourd dishes cooked by mom. My likings for this vegetables never grew until I was 22 years old. I came to understand my taste bud better only this year.

Do you like bitter gourd? Have you eaten them before; raw, fried or broiled?

When I was still a teen, my taste bud consisted of 4 senses; bitter, sour, sweet and salty. These taste buds had not evolved, it is still the same 4 senses.

To me 10 years ago, any dishes cooked with this green stick would taste bitter. Nothing but just foul bitterness, during and after. A taste that will linger on in my mouth and I would gargle with mouthwash just to get rid of that after flavour. Do you share the same sentiments on this dish? Do you feel that way too, NOW?

At present, I love this green thing. I eat it, enjoy it. I find the bitterness has turned to be sweet. Strange ? Not really, I came to realise that our taste bud works the same way as it always have been, however the processing central unit also known as the brain has evolved.

As we live thru life, one may reach enlightenment and soon discover that every setbacks in our living span is actually a sweet experience. Hardship makes us grow. Hardship shapes us. When faced with difficult challenge in life, we may grunt and bitch about it. If you care to take a deeper look and ask yourself the reasons behind the happenings, you may find a reason after all. A reason only you, yourself can comprehend.

Bitter as it seems, my brain has managed to turn the plant where my taste bud craves for it every now and then.