For some time I have made endless sinister remarks, exchange words with my girlfriends the ill habits of men. The topic of discussion had became a routine, so much so I really did not think much of it. One Sunday, however, it struck me deeply as I read a topic listed in a blog. The top 10 turn off.

When I finished reading, I could hardly blink. My conscience spoke to me. A sudden guilt rushed in, I should be hand-cuffed for the “verbal crime”, the male bashing act. Amidst with the tormented thought, I tried digging into my poor restless mind, a list of nice little things a guy have done for me, which I felt rather charming. Here’s my retribution to the nice gentlemen out there. My own “Little Things to a Girl’s Heart”.

1. Unshelled a prawn/crab
2. Opening the car door when one is dressed for a ball
3. Pulling a chair/allowed to be seated first
4. Putting food on her plate during wedding/family dinner
5. Ordering food for her in a food court
6. Offering your hand when she’s climbing steep steps
7. Let her cum first

Ok …don’t frown. The last one may not be so “little” after all. Anyway, you get the geest. Anyone want to add on the list, please feel free to do so ..