God grants us the looks we have today, features that we inherit from our parent, genes that are past down from our blood line. Like it or not, we cannot change the way we look but can always improve our physical outlook.

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A person who chooses to have looks for himself/herself typically works hard to maintain his/her physical appearance. For they, are the ones who realizes that facial appearance is only a gift and the body, on the contrary is hard work.

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One who opts for body from their partner sees more than whats on the outside. It takes a person with a degree of character to maintain the right curves.

Having said the above, I’m sure there are a handful who wish to throw rotten eggs at me, as I have just made a very biased judgment on your votes. Before you choose which egg to hit me with, may I remind you that this is my hypothesis with no supporting facts, only the opinionated bitch in me who wish to speak out.

Nevertheless, based on the public opinion of nearly 150 people, we are all doomed in the world of courtship. I don’t believe God can grant everyone with astounding looks.

Here’s the breakdown analysis on the results:

Those who chose looks for own:
Pro: – You like the extras, the more of you for your partner to love
– You either have a great body or on the way in getting in shape

Cons: – You are born facially challenged
– You have a degrading partner who often calls you ugly duckling

Those who chose body as own:
Pro:- You are proud of your family genes

Cons:-You’ve been dumped due to your body size

Those who chose looks on partner:
Pro:- You feel secured in the arms of a person larger than yourself

Cons: You currently have an ugly partner and you’re too embarrass to be seen with him/her

Those who chose body on partner:
Pro:-You close your eyes when you kiss your partner

Cons: You are literally squished during love-making session

Whether we or our partner have looks or body, all these are immaterial at the end of the day as time will soon perish what we have physically.