Once a upon a time, in a far far away land, there lived a princess. Princes Xylie was like any other princess. She is young, fair and beautiful. A typical fairy tale story, Princess Xylie was locked in an abandoned castle, far, deep in the enchanted magical forest.

Princess Xylie sat in her castle day and night, night and day, waiting for her prince charming to come and rescue her. While she sat waiting, she never wasted any time. She would learn to sew, cook, clean and wash. All alone in the castle, gosh heck she must be able to do all that, else the castle will stink rotten !

Anyway, back to the fairy tale, Princess Xylie prays each day to live like a real princess. No more cleaning or washing. She wished for her freedom, she wished for her dream prince charming to come and rescue her. Soon enough, she was rescued. God answered her prayer. A dashing young, charming prince found his way to the hidden castle. The prince came with his white stallion, stopped and gazed up the tower. He took out his magical rope, cast his magic spell and the rope shot up in the air. He then climbed up the rope. Up on the tower window, stood Princess Xylie, all dressed up ..eager to meet her prince. One look at him, she fell in love. How romantic. How classic.

Days passed, weeks passed. Soon months came along. Princess Xylie sat in her room. She stared up the sky, she tried to look for the shinning bright stars. She couldn’t find any. She remembers the stars so well, as she used to admire the beauty of earth, up in the abandoned castle. Suddenly, it dawn upon her. How has her life changed after the rescue ? Has it improved ? Is she happier ? No. Why not ? She now has no vision, no purpose in life. Everything is all done for her. Having all she wanted and yet she couldn’t find a single spark in the sky.
Funny that we behave very much like Princess Xylie. We chased so hard for our dreams, we forget to appreciate what lies in front of us. We look so much in the future, in the distant for that perfect job, perfect car, perfect house, perfect partner, we never realised that imperfection is indeed a blessing. Life would be meaningless with perfection. We will not strive to improve ourselves. If Princess Xylie really look deeply in her abandoned castle, she’ll probably realise there’s a hidden staircase. The key to her freedom has always been there.

God created Adam and Eve. Every minute, a new child is born. If God is still trying, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves ?

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