Fancy meeting the idol blogger of your dream ? Ringo Tan from
or perhaps Nicole Tan, ( ) ? How about the youthful 18 year old, Pink Pau aka Su Ann from ? For the females, don’t feel left out, you can meet the famous blogger Kenny Sia. Where ? When ?

Come, join in the fun at the PWTC on the 19th January 2008 at the party of the year, Traffic Jam Blogger Party.

I am scratching my head as I read the above lines. Contemplating, do I really want to continue writing with such tone, glamorizing the above well established youth bloggers ? No offense or pun intended, I admire them honestly. Although I cannot imagine myself idolizing anyone per say. So, come to the Traffic Jam Blogger Party to get an exposure into the blogging realm. That’s my objective. For fun, I’ve enlisted my luck to try to be The Top 100 Most Interesting Blogs in Malaysia.

The party starts at 5pm. Agenda as follows:

1. Icebreakers
2. Trivia quizzes
3. Celebrity Blogger Session featuring Kenny Sia, Ringo Tan ( Nicole Tan ( and Pink Pau (
4. Shortlist Showcase of Top 10 Traffic Jam Blogsites
5. Final Award Ceremony

– Nuffnang Most Promising Blogsite 2008
– YOUTH ’08 Most Popular Traffic Jam Blogsite
– iTalk Buddy Most Creative Writeup
– Spend & Fly

I can’t think straight right now, I have this vision of me going bonkers trying to capture a snapshot with the famous bloggers. This is so I can place it in my blog. I am obviously a blogger addict !