His saliva drools all over the floor. The pouty eyes gaze into mine and my heart sank. “Please play with me” his eyes whispered softly. I looked into my laptop and my blog screams for my attention. As I login into the website, each stroke on the keyboard became heavier.

His tongue stuck out and Nicky sat down lying on the floor. Begging for mercy, he yelps. Blinks his eyes and his attempt to look adorable was easily made. I was seduced but I was determined for an entry.

He knew, he tried but failed. Nicky gives me one final wimpy, teary look.

He gives up and falls flat on the ground. “The I’m dead look cos you’re not playing with me” That was it. I couldn’t resist no more. I’m sorry my dear blog readers. I’m spending too much time with my dog. =(