If oil is poured from one vessel into another, it flows in an arc of utter smoothness and silence. To the beholder there is something fascinating in the glasslike, motionless appearance of this rapid flow. Perhaps it reminds us of that aspect of time whose mysteries are even greater than those of the future and of the past – the infinitely short present, wedged in between these two infinitely long expanses extending in opposite directions. It is both our most immediate and our most intangible experience of reality. Now has no length, yet it is the only point in time at which what happens, happens and what changes, changes. It is past before we can even become aware of it and yet since every present moment is immediately followed by a new present moment, Now is our only direct experience of reality.

Now, is Jan 2008. The end of all despair, the beginning of new hope. Let’s breathe every moment of Now.