“I’ve had it. Next life I want to be a man!” I snorted angrily as I walked out of the female restroom. “What’s the matter?” inquired by my concerned male companion. He opened a can of worm. I started a whole drama on how much effort and inconvenience it is for a girl to do the simplest task, take a leak.

My call for mercy was answered one day. A dear friend of mine brought back the The Whiz Plus from Australia. Priced at AUD 24.95, I held the small pink gadget and I stared blankly at it for the first time. I examined it carefully. Its length measures approximately 15 cm. It looks very much like a filter funnel used in a science laboratory.

The fist sized tool, fits nicely in the pocket. Now, the thought of left over urine must be disgusting. The beauty of this product is that its made to dry easily. A flick with your hand and the waste is removed. Now, the smell, after about 3 usages, you definitely need to wash it or people will stay far away from you. Then again, the smell won’t be obvious in the woods since the sweat aroma should overcloud any nasty scent.

Designed for female trekkers, it’s really convenient. However, this product has a minor set back. Using the gadget, one has to still pull down the trousers up to the buttocks level. This is to enable fitting of the gadget into the appropriate space. Nevertheless taking a leak standing is indeed far better than the conventional method. Perhaps in the near future, the textile industry will design some female trekking pants with bottom zippers.

Besides using it during outdoor activities, I think this tool will come in handy in indoor places like public toilets or ladies restroom in shopping malls. Since there’s no other gadget equivalent that serves the same purpose, I suppose there’s isn’t much to compare its quality.

Is it value for money ? No more climbing leeches while you pee, priceless.

In short, Whiz Plus is a female’s best friend in the jungle.