I wish I’m in America. Living in America. You’ll be surprise how its possible to shop cashless in America. No, I don’t mean use your credit card. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is what I hear from my brother, a PR in US. Apparently, you get free coupons, vouchers from the daily newspaper or magazines. You can walk in literally cashless, nothing in your pockets except a few coupons in your hands and you come out with a
trolley full of groceries !

I didn’t quite believe him, then he directed me to an online
website. You don’t need to buy a newspaper or spend a single dollar on magazines. You don’t need to get out to the highway or go to the mall to shop. Just an Internet connection. This is called Online shopping. I consider Coupon Chief a good online shopping website. Why ? Basically, for its diverse products offered and good discounts.

You can get stuff ranging from toiletries to a rock for your wife. The discounts provided by the promo codes is just unbelievable. Grocery shopping in Target with 10% discount has not been easier. Besides, when the monthly routine of purchasing becomes dull and mundane, or when you’ve gotten sick of walking the lane for your breakfast cereal, or gotten tired of finding the softest toilet paper roll, the free shipping is a blessing. I wish Target stores in Malaysia has this online shopping. I envy my friends in US, the luxury of online shopping.

I have a friend in Malaysia, who shops US products online. Yes, literally, she swipes her card in Paypal. The products are then delivered thru Fedex to her doorstep. With Valentine’s Day coming round the corner, perhaps I should start surfing the Diamond Coupon sites more often at my dream guy’s house. Maybe he’ll finally get the hint. Free Fedex shipping ! No more excuses of no time to go to the mall. Did I mention Diamond Coupon is offering a 20% discount ?

As for myself, my personal favourite online shopping experience would be at Amazon. Books, books, and more books ! Heaven ! Alternatively, I could pamper myself with the Free Gifts from Body Shop. These retail stores should really consider making online shopping available to the Asian markets.

Darn, I just remembered I have to do my Chinese New Year shopping soon ! Argghh … There goes my weekend.

NOTE: This is a paid post