It was quite a perplexing experience for me to witness the journey of a newly married couple. I was very fortunate to have a share, a taste myself. No, I didn’t walk the aisle.

I accompanied a recently loving partners do what newly weds do, shopping for their shared home. I never realised there’s so much options for household items.

The agenda for the day was on home light fixtures. The journey begins, as we venture to all the home lighting shops. My girlfriend had a list in her hand. On it, it wrote in fine prints, her handwriting so neat.

1. Bathroom lighting – must be yellow lights

2. Dining room lighting – white lights, hanging stuff

3. Ceiling light – tv area, stairs, and upstairs tv area

4. Chandelier for the dining area – not too big. diamond shape

5. Outdoor lights – garden porch, small, cute, old looking type. The ones like oil lamp

Gosh, the list goes on. As I read her list, I had a mental map on my own house light fixtures. My house lightings are all the same all over! I never bothered looking for fancy ceiling light for my staircase or a chandelier for the dining area. Heck, as long as there’s food on the table, I’m happy. I am not implying that I have no sense of home decoration blood in me. I guess, like I said I never bothered.

The window shopping or probably light shopping took us half a day. We bought nothing.

At the end of the day, I looked at the couple and found it in my heart. It does not matter what lightings you have at home, she has the biggest bulb shining her way.