I’ve always wanted to play tennis. I could play badminton and squash. Tennis has always been a struggle. Somehow the strokes just don’t fit. I end up picking up tennis balls all the time. Its just frustrating.

Naturally, I decided to learn online. I googled learn and play tennis and found a great website review. The notes were short and brief. Nothing lengthy, enough to give me what I need to know. If I’m gonna be serious into tennis playing, I have to buckle up and learn. Play better tennis ? Well, I can’t even stroke right !

I mean, how much would a tennis coach charge me if I were to take up lessons ? Easily RM100 per lesson ? What would one lesson do me any good ?

I read on the review. It lead to another webpage with further details. With full anticipation, I pondered for a moment the price of the instructional video. Making a purchase online ?

I can’t decide. What should I do ?