“You’ll be damned if you do it, you’ll be damned if you don’t ” Heard of that phrase before? The dilemma I had last year, was to consider the length of my post.

“I think your post is too wordy”
“I get tired reading your blog”
“You should put more pictures in there, too many words”

“I want more, give it to me. Write ..write ..write”
“Tell me more about your trip in your blog. Too little details”

The remarks continues. As my blog writes in no particular fashion, I really have no idea how to write with an appropriate detail. As such, I am not bothered how much or how little I pen. I like to maintain my blog – yin and yang.
My humble proposal – feed your curiosity by coming to my blog and find out yourself what mindful thoughts I have. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed – unless I write so. I am after all, only a woman. And .. you know what they say about woman, don’t you ?
Any instances you get tired/bored reading my blog … you want to soothe your eye ? Less words, similar post/concept on “Pondering Notion” labels? Check out Rock Your Vote. My “Beyond the 2.5 decade for men” has raised interest for many readers in Rock Your Vote. Be a good reader, click the link. That’s it … just click it. I SAID CLICK IT.

If you are still reading this. You can’t follow instructions.