I’m a woman of opportunity. I created this blog last year with no intention of earning anything from it. The opportunity came to me when my friend told me I could earn money from blogs. I thought,”what the heck, I should seize the opportunity”. I started somewhat venturing into the blogging era, earning a side income.

I started registering into a few paid post website. Redesigned my blog so it looks more marketable. Putting in text link, adding in banners as advertisement. Did it pay ? Yes, it did and I am still earning as you read these lines. Never knew writing blogs can be quite rewarding.

Every minute you spend in my blog, every click of links you make in my blog is earning me money. How much ? Well, I’ve earned a decent USD 14 for writing paid post in my blog. This comes generously from PayPerPost. I know its not something worth shouting about but its an accomplishment to me. I’ve earned USD 14 just by spending half an hour writing merely 2 posts. In addition, I’ve earned USD 10 on advertisements on my blog. To top it up, there’s another extra USD 16 for other paid posts I’ve written. In total, my blog earning is now USD 40.

What will I do with the money ? Nothing, at this moment. When my earning sum up to USD 100, I will probably spend it with my loyal readers. Have a contest or lucky draw or something. I’m sure my tiny mind could think of something to lavish my readers on. Do you have anything in mind you particularly like ? An ipod, perhaps ? Oh, wait, that’s over the budget. What can I buy with USD 100 ? Ok, suggestion please.

When will that happen ? Hmm .. I don’t know ..that depends on you. Help me spread the word around of this hot rising female blogger. I need the ego boost. =)