Sing from your heart and others will hear your soul. I am not a great fan of Wang LeeHom or a fan of any Taiwanese singer to that effect. I don’t even know how to read Chinese, I can barely understand the language. One thing for sure, I am not deaf. I do know how to appreciate fine music.

With some help from a major LeeHom fan, I managed to grasps an underlying understanding on LeeHom’s Change Me Album. After listening to the album, I concluded that the major star was suffering from a broken heart. True enough, weeks later the album was released, he was announced experiencing depression. How did I know he has a hole in his heart? I listened to his soul.

In general, the songs were composed by the artist himself. Only 2 songs (Make a Change and Cockney Girl) out of the 12 tracks had an upbeat hip hop notes. LeeHom is definitely a hopeless romantic, despite the heart wrenching sad songs, the artist is still hopeful in finding love with song like “Where is love”. A dead give away were the lines ‘home is where you are, where you are is where my heart is’ in ‘Falling leaves”. Obviously, it doesn’t take much to know this album is themed “LOVE”.

For those who appreciate instrumental tool, may find the violin and drum set compelling. A violin solo piece in “Falling Leaves” and drum in “Our Song” are showcases of LeeHom’s talent. One can sit solemnly in the private moment and sink with the string and wood tool. Blissful.

My favorite title from the album is track 12, “Saturday Midnight”. I was so moved with the musical piece, I had my friend translate the song for me. A short piece yet enough to touch my heart.

Saturday night, don’t feel like going anywhere,

can’t seem to fall asleep, staring absently at the tv, 70% drunk

Close my eyes, tried not to think of you, but it’s already too late,

don’t recall how the tears started rolling, fortunately nobody saw, nobody can say anything

Saturday midnight, I thought of you, nothing special, just memories

You gave me freedom, I appreciate it, Saturday midnight,

Nobody can replace you…forever…

This is the feeling of regret that keeps haunting me

I will brave the world with a smile tomorrow

But I still cant forget you…

If you’re in a lovey doovey mood, this album may not have any effect on you. However, if you have recently had a failed relationship and just bought this album, I suggest you buy a pack of tissue paper as precaution.