Chinese New Year this year has been really different for me. I’ve gotten pretty much used to the fact that I’m nudged by my elderly when I answer “No marriage plans anytime soon”. So, whats different this year ? I’ve been given yet another opportunity to appreciate my life. To not take things, events, people, my life for granted.

On the last day of the “Doggy” year, as the Chinese prepare themselves ushering to the year of the “Golden pig”, I nearly celebrated mine either in the police station charged with murder or the nearest emergency ward begging for my dear life.

It was a sunny afternoon after lunch, I was cruising my way back home. As I was driving on the main street, a car came out from a junction and crashed into my 4 wheels. My car brushed itself up a road divider and crashed into a motorcycle. Fortunately, the motorcyclist managed to jump off his 2 wheels before my giant wheels rolled over its small wheelers. Count my blessings, I surely did. I survived and I didn’t kill anyone in the process. Unfortunately my car took the hit for me badly.

What’s the blessing in disguise ? My car insurance was expiring in a week’s time before the horrid accident. If it did expired on me, I would have a severe burn in my pocket. I also realised that the current car insurance policy I had did not include a towing service. Now, what an idiot I am !

Lesson learnt very well. The past week I hunted for a new car insurance. I made endless calls, compared rates and benefits. I got tired, very tired. I sat down in front of my computer and googled “Insurance Online”. Hoping to find something useful. Something useful I found indeed –

Insurance Portal Online offers quotes for life, vehicles and homeowners. My curiosity drove me to view the vehicles quotes. The steps to find a suited company was as simple as ABC. Few clicks on forms and I have more than 10 companies to choose from. Only problem, one rather major problem. I can barely afford them as it was quoted in USD and I doubt any insurance agent would spend a long distance call on me. The insurance policies offered are only valid in USA. Although I was very, very tempted to fill in the form and challenge its customer service motto “An agent will contact you within 48 hours”.

Nevertheless, the idea of an online centralised insurance portal was brilliant. The throbbing experience on endless phone calls and follow up with the agents, just to gather an understanding on the policy offers is just, time consuming. The life insurance quoting engine is spectacular. I remember 6 years back when I first bought my life insurance, it took me 3 months to find one I was comfortable with. Why, oh why is the insurance portal online service not available in Malaysia? Someone should just invest in this opportunity.

So, I sorted my car insurance renewal with my nearby pal. Couldn’t compare much the quotes received but what the heck I bought it anyway. Albeit, I have a good idea on life insurance policy in USA – in fact I must admit I had fun manipulating with its quote engine !