Early in the morning of 19th August 2007, my fellow camper friends and I have made Mother Nature proud. I felt really accomplished with the little random act of kindness. After the deed, I stood in the warm shallow woods in Kuala Kubu Baru squinting in the horizon. All my bags were packed, I was sitting, waiting for my fellow campers. A wiry, 32 year old with scrupled hair and compelling energy, dimpled camper is chuckling at me. My patience was running near depletion. “You two male are like women! Take forever to get ready!” I snorted jokingly. The honest truth was, I was enjoying the nitty, gritty sight. Men packing.

Upholding the last piece of gadgetry tool, Japanese-wanna-be camper was finally ready. With his dazzled eyes, he smiled at me and said “Ok, we are all set to go”. Finally, we loaded our backpacks into the car and drove to the entrance of Chilling trail. Standing by the boot of the car, I took out two tubes of my sun block lotion; for face and body. Being courteous, I handed both the tube to the standing males. Instantly, Japanese-wanna-be camper squeezed a handful of the lotion from the tube and I jumped at him. Set aback, he looked at me, somewhat frightened, puzzled, confused. Innocently his eyes invited an explanation for my outright pounce. I held the tube of the sun block and pointed “This is for face and this one is for body. See, face” I pointed on my own face and “See, body” I motioned my skinny coverings. By then, dimpled camper was giggling away. Yes, I was being anal, I’m a fussy woman after all. So, sue me.

The trek started after waiting for another 20 minutes for us to cover ourselves with sticky lotion. Upon entering the trail, we were greeted with a tree branch, clinging on for its dear survival.

Soon, we reached the first river crossing. I hopped onto the opportunity to do a pose on the bridge. I swayed the bridge, jumped on it like a monkey. The bridge held strong.

We crossed a total of 7 rivers. Through out the trek, there wasn’t any leech to be found. I was most grateful.

We hiked up like little dwarfs. Ok, I was the dwarf, the other two were just cute hunks. Stylishly, one step at a time our journey lead us to triumph.

The unforgettable sight when we reached the top. Standing by the side of the trail, the water unleashed its glory. I believe the waterfall must have measured at least 2 storey high. I embraced the moment, my eyes welled up. View was beyond expectation of reward.

Front view of the waterfall. Art of Mother Nature drawn in her own pastel colors and beauty.

Carefully, we hiked up where the waterfall met with rocks. Hand by hand, we crossed the rocks fencing the rushed water. We feast ourselves by the rocks. Food was delicious. Undivided attention with nature.

A good 1 hour or 2, we spent laying on the rock. The sun shone on our fragile coverings. I lost track of time. It felt like eternity. One last look at the pool before we bid our goodbyes. We shall meet again.