Gender discrimination. Do you believe in gender equality ? I’m a firm believer. However, in certain job specifications, no doubt that gender is often considered before employment takes place. For an example, customer service or public relation positions are usually dominated by females. On the other hand, males generally hold up in higher management. There is of course, exceptions, so please don’t hold me to my words.

The above remark from a blogger provoked my curiosity; does gender matter in blogging ? Is it true that you tend to bend towards the opposite sex when it comes to reading a blog ? I would imagine that the content of the blog is the most crucial attraction and not the sex of the blogger.

Having stared at my visitor statistics weekly, I have yet to decipher my traffic flow in my blog. Heck, the numbers are too much for my simple mind. I’m doing what I can to attract and retain my visitors. Is my blog worthwhile your time reading ? There must be a reason why you’re returning to my blog:-

  • my contents are interesting
  • I’m a female

I like to feed my curiosity. I like to know what my visitor statistics can’t give me. Your sex.

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