“Aiyo, be it the last year I’m giving this to you. Next year, you better start giving it yourself!”

The above remarks may sound too familiar to my fellow single friends. My fellow unmarried friends reaching the near big 30 of age. Welcome to the mid 20s crisis. Yes, it’s a crisis being mid 20 and still receiving ang paus.

A scene resembles a picture in your mind, your aunties and uncles start giving out sinister remarks as they generously hand out the red packet. I wonder what ever happen to the good ‘ol days when you get a pat on your head and a nice, warm greetings “Study hard and grow up to be beautiful”. Oh, I forgot, these wishful kind words are only spoken to only children/teens aged 5 – 18 years old.

The greetings changed it course when you hit age 19 – 23. At 19 year old, I remember oh so clearly the agenda to get the little blessings in disguise was to answer a simple Yes/No question. “Do you have a boyfriend?” I would usually smile and nod, just to indeed please them.

I have grown to be a really something. “My boyfriend queue list is as long as the “China Town” night market. I kid you not, the above phrase is an actual “local” Chinese proverb. Of course, I would never say such remarks, it is usually spoken by the next seated auntie who conveniently overhears your conversation.

It has been the fifth receiving year, I answer to the endless question “When are you getting married?” Standing at age 28 years old, I think I have another 2 years before the well wishes changes its course again. At 30, I could envision myself while still receiving the red packets with a bright, chirpy smile comes yet a warm greeting, “Aiyo, still not married yet, wait for the last ship to sail, you’ll end up being an old maid !”

Wrinkled perhaps, definitely not old !

When is your turn? The agony of answering such witty question is very much like attending a wedding – Be Wed or Be Not Married Yet.

I have an undying urge to reciprocate the same question at funerals. I once read this joke, to stop your elderly from annoyingly asking you that question, you should do the same at funerals. Honestly, I think it will work really well to shut them up but its just darn cruel. So yet again, I escaped such question with a smile. An innocent, naive, sweet smile.

My blessed money this year has been fruitful to date. I am very fortunate. Till next year, here’s wishing my fellow mid 20s Chinese unmarried friends, “Go get the little red packets. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, that you are still receiving them”.

It’s good to give, it’s better receiving!!