“A speech is like a mini skirt. Short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the essentials”

The crowd laughed. With that, the bride continued her speech. An inspiring speech, I must say. I never listen to speeches made in weddings, I find them unsophisticated and fake. This one, in particular was nicely crafted and it was genuine. The couple stepped down and then the master ceremony did something I never saw before in weddings. He announced a little token of appreciation. The love birds came up with a bouquet of flowers each and presented it to their parents in-law. How sweet, I thought to myself.

Then it happened, right at that very moment, my dinner company next to me turned and looked at me. She asked me the one million dollar question, “So, when is your turn?” My typical response, “You have too much money to spare is it ? Start saving RM1 from now onwards and I’ll come collect the money from you when I think you have saved enough. Just make sure you pay up when you get the bomb from me.”

That normally shuts them up.
Life is so predictable. You go to school, graduate, get yourself a damn job that you’re never content with. Find yourself a partner. Marry the perfect soul. Bear children together, earn extra living to provide the very best to your seedlings. Then, you die. The end.
One day, I will find my partner in life – just like everyone else. One day, I will be wed – just like everyone else. One day, I will have children of my own – just like everyone else. One day, I will die – just like everyone else.

Till that “one day” surface, do me a favour ..stop bothering me with unappreciated remarks, “Oh, not married yet?”.